The Whirlpool - The Ultimate Passive Income Machine

3 min readNov 14, 2020

Hey Surfer! You made it through the revolutionary farming phase in which the entire supply of 10 million SURF was fairly distributed, but now the Whirlpool is open and there’s some things you need to know! The Whirlpool is the ultimate passive income machine and the heart of the SURF Ecosystem, and after staking ETH/SURF LP tokens in the Whirlpool, you will starting earning your share of the SURF rewards sent to the Whirlpool.

SURF has innovative tokenomics and some of the best and brightest minds in the DeFi space that are currently adding 4 new DApps to the ecosystem. As users interact with these DApps, more SURF and ETH/SURF LP tokens will get locked up, and a steady stream of rewards will constantly flow into the Whirlpool. This means that SURF is now deflationary and the circulating supply will continue to shrink!

The Whirlpool will provide passive income to stakers forever

20% Whirlpool Unstaking Fee

There is no fee to stake ETH/SURF LP tokens in the Whirlpool, but there is a 20% fee to unstake them. The Whirlpool is intended to be a long-term or permanent investment that provides consistent passive income and the unstaking fee ensures that the remaining stakers will always be supported. 25% of the unstaking fee gets swapped to SURF and distributed to the remaining Whirlpool stakers, and the other 75% of the unstaking fee gets added to the community locked liquidity in the SURF token contract. And remember, whenever SURF is transferred, 1% of the transfer amount gets sent to the Whirlpool, so being a staker is the safest way for long-term holders to invest in the SURF ecosystem!

Whirlpool Initial Bonus Payouts

The Whirlpool accrued over 2 million SURF during the farming phase, which is currently being paid out to Whirlpool stakers in 100 equal daily payments (1% of the total per day for 100 days). That’s over 20% of the total supply getting proportionally distributed to everyone staking ETH/SURF LP tokens in the Whirlpool!

How do I get a piece of the Whirlpool?

The team has made staking a breeze. From the SURF.Finance website, navigate to the Whirlpool page and choose to stake with ETH/SURF LP tokens received after adding liquidity for the pair on Uniswap, or with the “STAKE USING ETH” button that will add liquidity and stake the received LP tokens in the Whirlpool for you in a single transaction.

There is already an incredible amount of SURF locked up and that number will only continue to grow as more DApps get added to the ecosystem! Everyone staked in the Whirlpool has been thrilled with their passive rewards thus far, and anticipate a steady stream of new stakers as it is proving to be a safe haven in this Crypto Wild West! The whitepaper has been made publicly available to view here: We strongly recommend fully reviewing it and asking the community any questions you have it about it.

See you at the Whirlpool!




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