SURF3d - SURF In Three Dimensions

3 min readNov 14, 2020

Hey Surfers! I’m here to talk about SURF3d (, the first DApp in the SURF Ecosystem. SURF3d is an hourglass contract that utilizes S3D tokens to distribute SURF dividends to those who hold S3D. The longer you hold your S3D tokens, the more SURF dividends you accumulate, which you can then use to reinvest back into S3D, or another DApp in the SURF Ecosystem. It’s especially perfect for people who are making SURF dividends from the Whirlpool, as you can directly deposit your SURF into SURF3d.

S3D can only be bought with SURF. Every time someone buys or sells S3D, there is a 15% fee, which gets proportionally distributed as dividends to all S3D holders. No S3D was distributed to anyone before SURF3d launched on 11/10/2020, and over 10% of the entire SURF supply is currently invested in S3D tokens!

The Value of S3D

The SURF3d smart contract automatically mints more S3D each time some is bought, and burns some when it’s sold, ensuring there is S3D for everyone — but it does not do it perfectly equivalently, or the price would not properly increase and decrease. The smart contract slightly increases the price every time S3D is bought, and slightly decreases the price every time S3D is sold.

The WhirlpoolManager Contract

The first purchase of SURF3d was made by the WhirlpoolManager contract, using 80k SURF. The WhirlpoolManager can never sell its S3D, which means the SURF used to buy them is also permanently locked, creating a floor price for S3D tokens. The SURF dividends the WhirlpoolManager receives get distributed back to the community as follows: 80% goes to the Whirlpool, 10% goes to SURF board holders, and 10% gets burned. Also, as SURF3d and other SURF DApps burn more SURF, the total supply will go down, making SURF deflationary!

A Quick Guide to SURF3d

  1. Convert your SURF to S3D — When you do, it directly increases the price of S3D for everyone, while also proportionally distributing the 15% purchase fee to all S3D holders
  2. Get Paid Dividends — Every time someone buys or sells S3D, you accumulate SURF from the distribution of 15% of their transaction proportional to your share of the total supply
  3. Diversify or Reinvest — You can then take your SURF earnings, and immediately and conveniently reinvest them with the Reinvest button provided on the website, or withdraw your SURF to stake them in the Whirlpool or another DApp in the SURF Ecosystem
  4. Hold Strong! — The longer you hold onto S3D, the more SURF dividends you make! If you leave it long enough, you may even find you’ve made back your initial investment just from the dividends
  5. Sit Back and Watch the Waves — Watching your dividends grow and the price fluctuate is half the fun! You get paid every time the price of S3D moves!
SURF3d feeds rewards to the Whirlpool

Hopefully this answered all the questions you might have on SURF3d, but if it didn’t, you can always stop by the Discord or Telegram and we’d be happy to help you!

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