SURF.Finance - DeFi’s Next Big Wave

5 min readOct 27, 2020


SURF.Finance ( is an innovative new DeFi project focused on sustainability, transparency, and community. Built by a team of DeFi natives, it features:

  • A governance token, SURF, which has an initial supply of 0, and a max supply of 10,000,000
  • A revolutionary “yield farming phase” that will fairly distribute the entire supply of SURF to those staked in a beach (farm pool)
  • Fully verified contracts audited by some of the sharpest minds in the space
  • An engaged, helpful, and hilarious community
  • An ever-increasing amount of locked liquidity
  • The Whirlpool, a passive income machine and heart of the SURF ecosystem that will constantly reward stakers with SURF collected from the 1% transfer fee and other dapps in the ecosystem

SURF is a minimally viable monetary experiment, and at launch the supply will be 0 and the token will have no value. Those participating in the yield farming phase will earn the first SURF tokens and assist in determining its initial price on Uniswap. SURF is using a fork of the Compound governance module, which will ensure all updates happen entirely on-chain through community voting after the max supply is hit. The community will very much be involved in helping shape SURF’s future.

The whitepaper has been made publicly available to view here: We strongly recommend fully reviewing the whitepaper and asking the team any questions you have about it.

The 25 beaches available to stake in at launch are listed at the end of the whitepaper and in the #beach-info channel of our Discord server.

Quick Facts

  • Symbol: SURF
  • Initial Price: Determined by the first two hours of staking volume
  • Initial Supply: 0
  • Max Supply: 10,000,000
  • Launch Date: Wednesday, October 28th at 11 PM PST (Block 11149987)

Acquiring SURF

For those not participating in the yield farming phase, SURF will be available on Uniswap a little under 2 hours after launch. The contract will trustlessly create and add liquidity to the SURF-ETH Uniswap pool, and the staking volume during the first two hours of the yield farming phase will determine the initial price. The team is not having a presale or ICO and is not getting a premine, so the market will truly decide SURF’s value.

Phase 1: Yield Farming and Fair Distribution

The entire 10 million token supply will be fairly distributed during this farming phase to everyone that has staked Uniswap LP (liquidity provider) tokens in one of SURF’s beaches (our word for a farm pool). By using a fixed APY calculation, each beach will mint less SURF per block as the price of SURF increases, and more SURF per block as the price decreases. The goal of this phase is to provide a strong foundation for Phase 2 by getting the majority of the SURF supply into the hands of hodlers. During this phase, the Whirlpool won’t be active, but it will be accruing a mountain of SURF that will eventually get rewarded to those that provide SURF-ETH liquidity on Uniswap and stake their LP tokens in the Whirlpool.

Phase 2: Reward the Hodlers

Phase 2 starts the moment Phase 1 ends, which is when SURF #10,000,000 gets minted and rewarded to someone staked in a beach. The beaches will close, the Whirlpool will activate, and all of its accrued SURF will start getting paid out to those staking their SURF-ETH Uniswap LP tokens. There will also be many projects launching within the SURF ecosystem that will continually pay dividends to everyone staked in the Whirlpool. As a fairly distributed governance token, SURF will be controlled by those that value it the most. All of the most impactful parameters in the protocol can be adjusted through successful governance proposals, ensuring that the community of SURF hodlers can continually experiment and improve it.

SURF Ecosystem Rewards

The Launch

It is also now official that SURF.Finance will launch this “Big Wednesday”, October 28th. The official startBlock that the Tito farming contract will activate on is 11149987 which should get mined around 11:00:00 PM PST. The website should be fully operational at least 24 hours before then, and you will be able to stake early into beaches to make the launch stress-free.

The SURF Boards - SURF.Finance’s NFTs with major perks

All 100 SURF Boards have been minted and SURF Boards #1–80 are now available on OpenSea in a Dutch auction format (the price is constantly decreasing) with a starting price of 10 ETH, an ending price of 0.1 ETH, and an expiration timestamp of 10:00:00 PM PST on Wednesday, October 28th (1 hour before launch). SURF Board owners will enjoy many perks in the SURF.Finance ecosystem, and we hope that they get in the hands of the most loyal surfers. There will be no financial benefit to holding a SURF Board at launch, but their value will become clear not too long after. A private hangout channel in the SURF Discord will be exclusively available to SURF Board holders, and the team will always provide updates in that channel first. 3 SURF Boards are being rewarded to the top 3 contestants in our Discord invite contest, so help us spread the good news that is SURF.Finance!

A SURF Board

If you want to snag a SURF Board then go check out The SURF Shop

See you at the beach!

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