Surf.Finance 2.0


Our Mission

Our Values

  • We will strive to create the ideal place to surf this world-changing financial wave together. We will foster a community of like-minded individuals passionate about high quality research, the pursuit of financial freedom through sustainable passive income, and good vibes. We believe a rising tide lifts all surfboards.
  • We will invest with conviction and an expanded time horizon. Treasury investments should primarily consist of historically significant NFTs and yield-bearing bluechip NFTs. We will always prioritize fundamentals and innovation over hype.
  • We will prioritize security. We will always keep the core components of the ecosystem on Ethereum or a layer 2 chain with the same security guarantees as Ethereum. We will only make substantial modifications or additions to the ecosystem after thoughtful consideration of the security implications of those changes.
  • We will be pioneers of decentralized governance and yield-distribution systems. In a sea of DAOs, Surf.Finance will standout from the rest due to our willingness and ability to rethink the existing DAO model.

The 2.0 Update


  • Dramatically simplify the ecosystem without burdening existing holders with a complicated migration process
  • Increase community engagement and make Surf.Finance one of the most exciting DAOs to be a member of
  • Begin funneling most of what the treasury yields directly into the ecosystem while compounding the rest
  • Launch our innovative NFT-based governance system

Ecosystem Tokenomics

The SURF Token

  • SURF can be matched against an equivalent amount of ETH to create SURF/ETH LP tokens that can be staked in the Whirlpool to earn additional SURF passively
  • SURF can be used to mint Towel membership NFTs

The Surfboard NFTs

  • Surfboard holders have access to the “Board Room”, a private Discord channel that houses governance discussion
  • Surfboard holders are the only ones that can create governance proposals
  • Surfboards staked in the Beach will proportionally split 10% of all the SURF dividends that funnel through the Swell

The Towel NFTs

  • Towels are a membership token that provide each holder with access to the Surf.Finance Discord server which will become private except for public FAQ and General channels
  • Towels are also the voting power of the governance system. 1 Towel = 1 vote.
  • Towels staked in the Beach will proportionally split 30% of all the SURF dividends that funnel through the Swell

The Whirlpool

  • Whirlpool stakers proportionally split 40% of all the SURF dividends that funnel through the Swell
  • There is currently a 5% fee when unstaking from the Whirlpool which gets proportionally split between all remaining stakers (this fee can be set to 0–50% and is controlled through governance)

The Beach

  • Surfboards and Towels must be staked in order to receive SURF dividends from the Swell
  • Surfboards and Towels must be staked in order to provide access to the private Discord channels
  • Surfboards must be staked in order to create governance proposals
  • Towels must be staked in order to vote on governance proposals
  • Unstaking Surfboards or Towels initiates a 24 hour thawing period before they can be released back to your wallet

The Swell

  • The SURF token transfer fee (currently 0.20% of every transfer)
  • The Towel mint fee (2,000 SURF per Towel minted)
  • The SURF trustlessly bought using any ETH sent to the contract (from our NFT royalties or any future sources)
  • 40% proportionally split between all SURF-ETH LP tokens staked in the Whirlpool
  • 30% proportionally split between all Towels staked in the Beach
  • 10% proportionally split between all Surfboards staked in the Beach
  • 20% sent the burn address (permanently reducing the supply of SURF)
  • In the future, the community can submit a governance proposal to distribute up to 15% of the Swell’s SURF dividends to the upcoming ContributorRewards contract which is designed to incentivize ongoing contributions from members of the DAO. The SURF going to the ContributorRewards contract would come from the 20% currently going to the burn address, leaving Whirlpool and Beach stakers unaffected.

What’s Next?



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