SURF.Finance ( is an innovative new DeFi project focused on sustainability, transparency, and community. Built by a team of DeFi natives, it features:

  • A governance token, SURF, which has an initial supply of 0, and a max supply of 10,000,000
  • A revolutionary “yield farming phase” that will fairly distribute the entire supply of SURF to those staked in a beach (farm pool)
  • Fully verified contracts audited by some of the sharpest minds in the space
  • An engaged, helpful, and hilarious community
  • An ever-increasing amount of locked liquidity
  • The Whirlpool, a passive income machine and heart of the SURF ecosystem that will constantly reward stakers with SURF collected from the 1% transfer fee and other dapps in the…

Hey Surfers! I’m here to talk about SURF3d (, the first DApp in the SURF Ecosystem. SURF3d is an hourglass contract that utilizes S3D tokens to distribute SURF dividends to those who hold S3D. The longer you hold your S3D tokens, the more SURF dividends you accumulate, which you can then use to reinvest back into S3D, or another DApp in the SURF Ecosystem. It’s especially perfect for people who are making SURF dividends from the Whirlpool, as you can directly deposit your SURF into SURF3d.

S3D can only be bought with SURF. Every time someone buys or sells S3D, there is a 15% fee, which gets proportionally distributed as dividends to all S3D holders. No S3D was distributed to anyone before SURF3d launched on 11/10/2020, and over 10% of the entire SURF supply is currently invested in S3D tokens! …

Hey Surfer! You made it through the revolutionary farming phase in which the entire supply of 10 million SURF was fairly distributed, but now the Whirlpool is open and there’s some things you need to know! The Whirlpool is the ultimate passive income machine and the heart of the SURF Ecosystem, and after staking ETH/SURF LP tokens in the Whirlpool, you will starting earning your share of the SURF rewards sent to the Whirlpool.

SURF has innovative tokenomics and some of the best and brightest minds in the DeFi space that are currently adding 4 new DApps to the ecosystem. As users interact with these DApps, more SURF and ETH/SURF LP tokens will get locked up, and a steady stream of rewards will constantly flow into the Whirlpool. …


Surf Finance

DeFi’s Next Big Wave

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